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Hello NG's & Thank you

Posted by daneforth - 1 month ago

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say hello to this site, it's a new and gray area for me after trial and error over on different sites which for one reason or another fall short of my tastes. - no harsh feelings Facebook, but No im not paying out to attract ears to my craft, that's just explotivie tactics praying on the unwise.... anyway

A huge thank you to all whos listened to my uploads so far, I was pretty shocked that I got on the front page and its just be a huge motivation boost for me especially at this morbid time in the world right now. I've just uploaded track 5 and 6 will follow shortly so I really hope you enjoy the rest of the tracks to come


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Hello, welcome! What I can say about Newgrounds is that it's a site that hasn't changed all too much as the years have gone by. While Facebook and YouTube have become super algorithmic and ad-focused, Newgrounds has that community spirit feel to it that is quite rare to find online these days. I hope you find your place here :)

Thank you, definitely starting to see the old style honest community already and it's really great!. id say they are mostly toxic platforms unfortunately which is a shame Youtube was in its prime 6-7 years ago but it was not to be.

@daneforth I definitely notice a difference in how YouTube works. I collaborated with a large creator in 2012 or so and got 1000+ subs off the back of that one collab. I collaborated with an even larger creator a few years later and barely got 10. It's such a saturated site... I've been waiting for a viable alternative for a long time but there doesn't seem to be one on the horizon.

That's really unfortunate to hear and yes I have to agree, like with all social media markets its become oversaturated with lack of quality control. That is one feature I love about NG's if its crap it will be voted and deleted and that way its a self-sufficient-monitored community that keeps all in check
especially like what you said earlier about them being algorithmic orientated platforms.