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multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter in the north west UK, aspiring to be a professional full time musician

Dane @daneforth

28, Male

Musician, producer

Baxenden, Lancashire UK

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Hi guys and galls, I just wanted to post a honest up to date "where my head and myself are at" and what I'm doing

Look I honesty cant thank you all enough for the listens, the ratings and the follows for my lack of content or even my little new grounds rating that I am. Engaging with communities is how you grow and I don't doubt that a second but then again we are all totally different so you'll obviously see millions upon millions of different approaches to the same problem for each and every one of us. How do we grow? how do we get followers? we are all creatives so I can only speak of what I do and what I feel so I never want to lour in anyone who is interested in my work under false pretence's

As it stands I have my different avenues for different revenues in my life such as financial, thought provoking, relaxation, creative etc etc and maintaining these social media statures is just one path that sucks out as much energy out of me as I put into them, its by no means an insult or an ego centric stance, It just rubs my head the wrong way and I just spiral out on a downer for a while getting my priorities mixed up.

For the time being I will only just be uploading the work I have - (demo or finished) depending on when those pieces of audio find there way into a sealed format that can be shared. Next week you will all have a brand new, re-record of the first ever song I wrote which I am super pleased with and I hope you all enjoy it as well.

I do venture on here to listen to other peoples work but my main focus is trying to pin point my safe spaces in a way that keeps me on the 'sane' side of the fence and just to keep writing down the demos, work out my next creative endeavour etc

I dont want people feeling that this is a dead channel because I assure you its not. My projects are (not to boast or compete) but my projects are quite big undertakings. I calculated that my average project has a total of 52 instrument channels at one point and thats acoustic kits, phase correcting, multitrack, mixing, mastering the whole sha-bang. The new tracks out next week started months ago but was left in status after huge drummer delays etc so that goes to show how long tracks can take me to get composed - to - mastered, for reference the Moonlight album (which is uploaded in its entirety to Newsround's) took over 4 years to complete.

So i hope that clears up a few things as well as showing that as stereotypical "Im not dead update" to my page so you can have a clear indication to what I am doing.

but yeh thanks again, new track next week

hope your all okay and enjoying life, take care and have a nice day

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